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Soft Tip Darts - Black Panther

The Black Panther soft tip darts feature Nickel-Silver barrels, black aluminum shafts and patterned Dimplex flights. Each set features three soft tip darts and comes standard in a traditional flap wallet. This dart set can be upgraded to a deluxe set which includes a hard back, felt lined case. The deluxe set also includes extra flights, soft tips, conversion tips and add-a-grams.

Soft-Tip (2ba)
Nickle Silver
Aluminum (2ba)
Flights may vary
Flap Wallet or
Plastic Display Box
List Price: $22.95
Discount: 22%
Our Price: $17.95
  Black Panther Soft Tip Darts
Photos: Sample Sets

*Available exclusively in 18 gram weight.
*Each set includes 3 complete darts.

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